The Hazards of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

The plumbing system of your home needs to be routinely maintained to ensure that you and your family are not only safe and comfortable but will be alleviated from the inconvenience of having to experience plumbing problems. While you may exert the effort to clean even your drains in an attempt to maintain your plumbing system in its best condition, it is a better option for you to steer clear of using a chemical drain cleaner. This article lists down some of the hazards of using chemical drain cleaners.

Health Impact

One of the most hazardous effects of chemical drain cleaners involves a negative health impact. The plumbers Croydon Park locals rely on suggest that you use natural cleaners or home-based solutions instead. The reason behind this is that more often than not, these chemical drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that you may inhale, which can cause damage to your lungs. Apart from this, there is also the risk of the chemical cleaner spilling onto your skin, causing large burns that may prove to be difficult to treat.

There is also the possibility that the chemicals making up the cleaner can infiltrate your water system, contaminating the water that you use in your household. All these negative health impacts of chemical drain cleaners should make you think twice when it comes to their use. Rest assured that there are various natural alternatives that you can turn to.

Pipe Damage

Another hazardous effect of chemical drain cleaners is damage to your pipes. Because of the harsh chemicals that they are composed of, these cleaners can cause your pipes to disintegrate, leading to a significant leak that may even lead to a burst pipe. From there, you may be exposing your home to a major plumbing emergency which is flooding due to a burst pipe. In this case, it is still a better idea to use natural drain cleaners when you intend to maintain the plumbing system of your home. Otherwise, you can always rely on professional plumbers in Croydon Park or in your locality instead, for the routine maintenance of your drain and overall plumbing system.

Final Word

As much as possible, steer clear in using chemical drain cleaners because of the various hazards that come with their use. Apart from a negative health impact, these chemical drain cleaners can even cause damage to your pipes. For this reason, it is best that you look for alternatives to these cleaners instead to ensure that your plumbing system pipes are in their best condition.