Flooring is the main component of every infrastructure. The polyvinyl chloride flooring is notorious for its aesthetically pleasing look which gives your property, at a fair cost. Polyvinyl chloride flooring gives stylish look to your space. Elegant appearance and long life span are hallmarks of Polyvinyl chloride flooring. Their super plush look and durability attract homeowners and they chose it while compromising on its slippery nature.

Despite all the benefits the one drawback polyvinyl chloride flooring has a slippery surface; it makes us more conscious when we have kids, old parents, or elderly people at home. Polyvinyl chloride flooring is composed of sleek polyvinyl chlorides that lead to hazardous slip incidents; however, there are certain quick fixes also available to turn it into a non-slippery safer surface which is listed below:

  • As we all know Polyvinyl chloride flooring is naturally slippery so the right time to fix this issue is just after the installation.
  • Always look for an effective and long-lasting solution for Polyvinyl chloride flooring as all solution is not meant for Polyvinyl chloride flooring.
  • In order to reduce the slipperiness of the floor, avoid such a cleaning product that elevates it.
  • Moisture, grease, dust, floor polish, and soap are the real cause of aggravating slipperiness.
  • The more you avoid such products the better and safer floor you get.
  • Areas like the kitchen often get greasy stains, so to reduce slipperiness treat those obstinate first, use a degreasing agent to remove greasy stains but this is not a permanent solution.
  • The wrong type of floor polish also makes Polyvinyl chloride flooring slippery. Avoid using these products as well as it creates and builds up a slippery layer on vinyl flooring.
  • Uses of anti-slip mats are also proved beneficial to reduce slipperiness, specifically the mats with a rubber bottom that will not easily slip or move.
  • The anti-slip coating is another solution to address this issue as they are composed specifically to prevent falls and make floor slip-resistant without changing the sleek appearance of Polyvinyl chloride floors.
  • The above mention method is quite simple and cost-effective.
  • Another method to fix this issue is nonslip spray; these are affordable sprays easily available in the market.
  • Epoxy aerosol spray is the ultimate solution because it gives a hard, clean, finely texture finish and sleek look.
  • These sprays are easy to apply and are chemical-resistant products.
  • With this spray on the floor, you can walk barefoot as it causes no harm to human skin.

Additional tips:

  • Always keep your floor clean as dust and dirt make the floor slippery.
  • Avoid using a large number of surface cleaning agents as their residue builds up the slippery layer.
  • Also, limit the use of vinyl-specific cleaning agents to reduce the slipperiness of the floor.
  • When these floors get wet or come in contact with moisture it becomes more slippery avoid walking on to flooring after spills, always dry out the surface first and clean the entire surface with a damp mop.