Different types of window blinds

Window blinds are used to cover windows. These are generally formed by long strips of fabric or rigid material. Blind blocks the view, that’s why it’s called blinds. Window blinds reduce the heat of sunlight. The reeds have also been used as blinds by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Windows armor can be operated manually or by means of a remote switch or control.

There are several types of blinds available today. The main categories are:

Solid Blinds

Solid blinds are commonly known as tones because they can only raise or lower.

Slat Blinds

The most common variety is the blind of the SLAT. Lanza’s blinds are formed of horizontal metal or vinyl slats connected with strings in such a way that allows these ribs to turn and the light can pass. The slats turn up to 170 degrees to prevent light between or stop to completely discover the windows. The blinds can also be used in a horizontal direction. Vertical blinds consist of rigid, plastic, or metal cloth slats hanging from one end to the other end. The slats turn up to 90 degrees to allow the light to pass and can be folded to the side of the door to discover it completely. Vertical blinds are good because they can effectively control the amount of natural or exterior light that enters a room because the slats can also close well.


Venetian blinds are blinds with horizontal slats, one of the slats on another. They are hanging through strips of clothes or with laces that can collect them together 180 degrees. They can be configured in 3 different ways:

  • Overlap with one side inward
  • Overcome with the other side inward
  • Without overlapping at all in front of them

There are holes in each bar to pass the lifting cable of each bar. To open the blinds, these lifting cables are thrown and the bottom of the blinds moves up due to these slats stacked from each other as the blind rises. Venetian blinds are usually metal or plastic. The width of the slats varies from 16-120 mm commonly the width of SLAT is 50 mm.

There are also some other varieties of window blinds. These include mini people, these are the Venetian blinds with a very narrow leader of 1 “approximately 25 mm wide, micro blinds (12 mm wide), nuts, jalos, Brise Soleil, Holland blinds, pleated blinds, blinds of honeycomb, Roman tones, and roller tones.

Automatic Blinds

Automobile blinds are used in cars to protect from the sun. These blinds are very easy to use. They can be connected with supports in the windows or in the front glass. Suction cups and static holes are used to join blinds in car windows and front and rear glass.

Materials used to make window blinds

The blinds can be made from a variety of materials and in a number of different forms. Fabric and wood are the most common materials used to make blinds.


The blinds made of cloth include Roman, blind, and Austrian blinds.


Wooden blinds include Venetian blinds and blinds of Pinóleum.

The blinds can be made with materials other than wood and fabric, such as materials that resemble wood, metal, or synthetic materials made by plastic and man.