3 Unique Uses Of Silicone Rubber

In our lecture classes we had heard about an elastic type of material that can be refrained out by the process of coagulating the milky juice from the various plants. It’s just the polymer which is naturally known to be important for our human society. The so-called material is rubber, a natural polymer of isoprene and an elastomer. It acts as an important raw material for the production of various items.

How Does The Product Mold?

In the southern parts of India, we can visualise the beauty of certain types of trees. One such is the rubber tree from which the natural rubber is obtained from a white milky texture liquid called latex, by just snapping off the stems of the trees, one can easily and clearly observe the latex coming out from them.

The process of rubber production for industrial use has several procedures starting from compounding, mixing, shaping, and vulcanization. There are different types of rubber like natural, synthetic which can be classified on different bases. One such type is the silicone rubber; silicone is an inorganic synthetic polymer.

Know About The Sustainable Polymer: Silicone Rubber

We know that there are different types of rubber, such as synthetic rubber which is obtained by the process of converting the naturally occurring rubber to synthetic and one such formed synthetic rubber is the silicone. Silicone rubber is composed by the formation of silicone polymer containing silicon atoms followed by other molecules.

The silicone rubber is used in different areas of our day-to-day life from the utensils to jewellery. They are produced by the chemical processes accompanying the methyl chloride and further reactions with the water which have the capability to remove the chlorine atom from the obtained reactions. Well, every material has its own applications and speciality, generally speaking synthetic rubber is better than natural rubber over various concepts. Conduct market research to learn more about Silicone rubber price.

Applications Beyond The Boundaries

There are different types of silicone rubber and most of them are highly used for industrial applications. They are frequently used for many and the 3 most unique uses are: –

  • Electronics – In the field of electronics, the silicone rubber had brought a huge boom in the area of semiconductors, insulators and arrestors. The silicon rubber is made highly purified for the need for lubricants, varnish, housing etc. moreover it protects all the electronic components.
  • Medical – silicone rubber can be found in tubing for the purpose of drainage, feeding, adhesives, and defoamers. One of the advantages is that the silicone materials are easy to sterilize, which is done in order to prevent bacterial attacks.
  • Aerospace – Uses the silicone rubber for the tooling materials, as well as in the aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. Rubber seals are made possible to keep the air from escaping from any sort of holes or gaps.

Rather than these applications, it is used in the area of construction, automotive and consumer products that includes the food containers, utensils, toys, and also, they are very cheap to be obtained which can even find items in the wardrobe of an individual ranging from soaps, shampoos, cosmetics with wide variety of characteristics for a material to have. Research online to avail more information about Silicone rubber price [ยางซิลิโคน ราคา, which is the term in Thai].