Where to Find Smart Security Devices in Ohio

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Smart Homes have always been lauded for the technology that they bring forth with them – one that provides home automation in an effortless manner, cuts back on the utility bills with their energy-efficient features, and wireless as well as voice-enabled control over the devices. What people tend to overlook is the security factor. Certain Smart Home devices are great for home security and we’re here to tell you which ones, and where you can find them.

FirstEnergy for Smart Security Devices

FirstEnergy provides multiple services to customers across the United States. From home protection and repair services to Smart Home products, and even electrical services under its 10 subsidiaries across the country.

For home security systems Toledo Edison provides smart home devices that are great for home security for residents in Ohio. Customers can head on over to their website www.firstenegyhome.com and browse through their smart home catalog.

Just to give you a preview of some general categories of smart home devices that are great home security system alternatives, read on below. You’ll understand better how certain smart home devices work as security devices alongside the other features they bring forth with them.

Smart Home Devices for Home Security

Smart Cameras

Much better and more advanced than regular surveillance cameras, smart cameras are gaining popularity and for all the right reasons. Whether you use them for commercial purposes or domestic, that includes the indoors as well, smart cameras bring around-the-clock surveillance, and straight from the palm of your hands.

What we mean by that is those smart cameras come with their mobile applications that are accessible from your smartphones, tablets, laptops and even some PCs. So you could be at work, at the mall or vacationing in Miami and still see what’s going on around your property. What’s even better is that they allow you to converse easily from both ends of the camera, because these devices come with built-in microphones and speakers – call it two-way communication.

Additional features of smart cameras, depending on the brand, can include facial detection, mobile alerts about any movement detected within a certain set activity zone, activating a connected floodlight, and so much more.

Smart Video Doorbells

Smart Video Doorbells are a hundred times better and far more advanced than the average doorbell or video intercom system that people have installed in their homes. With Video Doorbells users can answer their door even when they are not home, as well as see whoever is outside, literally from head to toe since Smart Video Doorbells come with a wider angled camera, with colored video and night vision too for clear visibility in the dark.

Other than just seeing who is outside when the bell rings, these video doorbells provide live video streaming 24/7, so users can also just check to see what’s going on at any point of the day.

Smart Door Locks

Keep your homes safe with smart door locks. Providing tamperproof and keyless entry into your home, smart door locks can be locked or unlocked via a designated mobile application or even through a keypad set on the device at your door.

Some smart door locks can generate temporary or one-time passcodes for you to lend to a friend or family member to access your home in case you’re away, while some devices also allow you to unlock the door directly from your smartphones so that no passcodes need exchanging at all. These locks can lock themselves based on a set schedule or self-timer, or while detecting your phone location. Doesn’t that sound like safety 101?

Smart Smoke Detectors

Though smoke detectors aren’t literally a security device, they do count as something close considering they pick up on any potential fires in your homes. Smart Smoke detectors on the other hand, combine the two types of smoke detectors that exist: photoelectric and ionization. They can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires, with the addition of having the ability to detect any carbon monoxide leaks.

Smart Smoke detectors usually have a wider range when it comes to picking up on any hazards. Other than that, they also send alerts directly to connected smartphones and tablets and synced voice assistants or Smart Speakers too. Some devices even have the ability to alert relevant fire departments in the local areas, should they have such features with the brand of the device.

So your one-stop shop to finding the above-mentioned smart security devices, and many more is FirstEnergy Home, or your nearby home depot or grocery store chain should they stock such products. Head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com today and check out their collection under the smart home category. It provides easy access to the said devices, along with reasonable prices!