What is CIAM?

Building strong connections with clients is an opportunity to promote the business through word-of-mouth marketing. With the changes increasing the need for digital interactions, the quality of the online consumer experience will matter more than ever.

Companies are continuing to develop their digital platforms to provide the consumers’ growing demands for remote transactions. However, not every company can deliver the need for a speedy and smooth shopping experience. Customers often complain about cumbersome and frustrating user identity verification procedures when paying utility bills, ordering groceries, or making telemedicine appointments. Much of their inconveniences originate from the increased safeguards businesses implement to combat cyberthreats.

For these reasons, prominent businesses are considering how to build a secure customer journey that is both engaging and safe against cyberattacks and fraudsters. Fortunately, companies have access to modern tools that can help them achieve these goals. One of these is CIAM.

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a new field that assists organizations in meeting customer expectations for seamless experiences while maintaining operational security. CIAM enables an organization to gather customer identity, manage data profiles, and govern customer access to multiple enterprise applications and services in a safe manner. Businesses can handle client IDs, preferences, and profile information more effectively with CIAM.

Implementing CIAM provides the ability to enforce consent and comply with privacy regulations. It can also streamline the registration process, including the onboarding device-based authentication process, to minimize abandonment and maximize conversions. Additionally, it allows single sign-on (SSO) deployment on all company applications, so customers have easy and quick access to their accounts. This new remote identity verification capability ensures that the sign-on process is both secure and simple.

Learn more about CIAM and its advantages in a company’s digital transformation in an infographic by authID.