The Rolex Women’s Watch

In its earliest days, Rolex mainly made watches for men, with ladies’ models limited to ornamental bracelets with a bit of regard. Nowadays, the brand offers a broader selection of watches. The women’s collection lags behind the men’s on the website’s ‘Women’s Watches’ page. To observe the groups, click here.

Brands like Rolex are the choice for many women seeking a loyal, lifelong friend. There is no obvious distinction and no apparent difference between Rolex watches for women and men. Every model embodies quality and precision that will last a lifetime, whether a diamond-set Pearlmaster or a streamlined stainless steel Oyster Perpetual.

Hans Wilsdorf was the founder of Rolex, which created the first proofed watch in the world in 1926. Mercedes Gleitze was the first woman to paddle on the English Channel. A piece from the series is water-resistant up to 100 meters and has a spontaneous activity. To learn about the history, click here (คลิกที่นี่, which is the term in Thai).

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust is among the best price-for-quality watches available. This design debut was in 1945. Datejust was the world’s first waterproof wristwatch with an automatic mechanism that displayed the data in an exciting window at 3 o’clock. The

amplifying lens, also called the Cyclops lens, covers the window for the date. Rolex introduced a new Lady Datejust model in 2016 with a size of 28mm, a mechanism incorporating the latest semiconductor technology, and the capacity to last 50 hours.

Watches like the Yacht-Master were reduced to a 37mm version designed for women. Rolex also offers watches for women who love a splash of gems in their eyes. Pearlmaster’s portfolio comes with a newly created and developed Oysterflex black elastic bracelet. It is part of Pearlmaster’s portfolio, also called the company’s “crowning jewelry watch,” a stylish way to dress up this classic watch with precious stones. The watch is created exclusively with white, yellow, everose, and rose gold forged in-house in the Rolex’s gold foundry.

The Rolex movement’s Superlative Chronometer certification ensures it can keep time within +6/-4 sec per day. There aren’t any differences between women’s and male Rolex watches. COSC-certified chronometric accuracy trials authorize deviations of -2/+2 daily in everyday situations.

There is no doubt that Rolex watches are one of the finest on the market, offering quality, performance, and style at a price reflecting their value for money. Click here to know more.