Tesamorelin To Shed Stubborn Abdominal Fat and Get Ripped

Many dedicated gym-goers find it challenging to ditch that stubborn abdominal fat. They do the right physical workout, eat right, and are health-conscious yet cannot shed the pounds surrounding their abdomen. Fortunately, Tesamorelin can help you reduce visceral adiposity or reduce abdominal fat accumulation while protecting lean muscle mass.

When people get old, they find it hard to lose the abdomen area fat even if they diligently play by rules to attain a flat stomach. Tesamorelin peptide therapy can help! Check online for tesamorelin peptide for sale to save significantly on bulk orders!

What’s Tesamorelin?

Egrifta or Tesamorelin is a synthetic peptide formulated by Theratechnologies Company. It is a GHRH [growth hormone-releasing hormone] version that helps in weight loss. It is a prescribed drug that contains 44 amino acids and trans-3-hexenoic acids. Amino acids are the foundation for producing protein. Tesamorelin comprises synthetic GHRH amino acids.

Naturally, GHRH is produced in the human brain by the hypothalamus located need pituitary glands responsible for multiple bodily functions like home releases and body temperature regulation. As soon as the hypothalamus produces GHRH, it influences the pituitary glands to make and secrete GH in the bloodstream.

The GHRH blended with trans-3-hexenoic acids forces peptides to work quickly and hard. The trans-3-hexenoic acids are a group of plant metabolites and help in the overall metabolism process.

Typically, Tesamorelin is used in managing weight loss for patients with HIV-associated lipodystrophy. Because some prescribed medications can cause an increase in fat around some specific body areas. This ability to shed stubborn fat has what made bodybuilders and gym-goers curious about using Tesamorelin.

How does Tesamorelin functions on weight loss and cell regeneration?

Just like natural GHRH, Tesamorelin helps to stimulate the pituitary gland for making and secretion of GHRH. After GHRH is secreted, Tesamorelin promotes lipolysis. It is a process, where triglycerides and lipids are broken down. These are fats stored in the body for later use. A high level of triglycerides and lipids increases the risk of heart problems.

For achieving weight loss every cell in the body needs to self-repair for work more efficiently. The human cell’s metabolic ability is remarkable to adapt to a different environment. Unfortunately, meal replacement products or supplements never address the root cause of obesity or overweight.

The cells in obese people work poorly, so their weight loss effort doesn’t last long. Just like other diseases, the changed cellular metabolism with each cell needs fixing for healing and prevention of every ailment. All the calorie restriction programs or weight loss diet don’t successfully maintain weight loss beyond 4 to 5 months. Nevertheless, Tesamorelin is a metabolic go-between that works intra-cellularly by endorsing –

  • Activating beta-fatty acid oxidation.
  • Activates PGC-1 alpha for starting mitochondria biogenesis.
  • Cellular effectiveness of oxidative phosphorylation.
  • Activates NRF-1 & 2 to enhance NAD production & DNA transcription.
  • Repairs mitochondrial and nuclear DNA damages

Tesamorelin is a powerful weight loss peptide as it –

  • Reduces increased triglycerides.
  • Increases low HDL.
  • Decreases arterial wall thickening and enhances arterial blood flow.
  • Promotes effectual oxidative phosphorylation and reduces cellular inflammation.
  • Lessens atherogenesis and atherosclerosis, thus enhancing cardiovascular functions.

Tesamorelin dosage

For adults, the proper dosage of injection to administer is 2mg once a day. Inject it beneath naval but not directly inside or areas with scarring or bruising. Inject the peptide as soon as it is reconstitution. Store the reconstituted Tesamorlein in a refrigerator [36°F to 46°F].

The peptide when reconstituted has to be color-free and particle-free. If it seems cloudy or there are particles visible then don’t inject them into your system. If you are not sure then take medical help for administering.