No-Ammonia Hair Colour – Fall in love with your strands

Hair colours breathe life into our dull and dry tresses. They add colour and vibrance to our strands while nourishing them from root to tip. However, this cannot be expected out of every hair dye because some hair dyes have harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp and dry out your hair. Such hair dyes make your hair weak and frizzy. Also, the hair becomes unmanageable. Hair colours infused with chemicals bring down the entire look of our hair.

On the contrary, when it comes to no-ammonia hair colours, it benefits our hair in a certain way. Natural dye like Godrej Expert Rich Crème makes our hair conditioned and strong. This hair dye boosts hair growth and makes our hair follicles strong enough to stop hair fall. It treats many hair issues such as split ends, dandruff, breakage, weak ends, rough hair texture, etc. Ammonia-free hair colours eliminate this problem and make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. There are five vibrant shades of dyes available by Godrej. Today we will be discussing hair colour trends of one of the shades, i.e., burgundy.

Godrej hair dyes constantly strive for innovation and make our hair shiny and voluminous. Try out the five shades by the company and give your hair colour and care it deserves. Now that you know the benefits of ammonia-free hair dyes, let us have a look at some of the best burgundy hair colour trends that you can try this season.

Burgundy Hair Trends – Pamper Your Hair

Burgundy is an amazing shade that suits all skin tones. Burgundy hair shade looks great with fair complexions and when it is in the highlighted form, it adds fun and playfulness to your tresses. Burgundy is a colour that is always in demand. Every now and then you can see a woman having burgundy hair shade. Burgundy is a super trendy shade and everyone can rock any look into it. There are a lot of shades in burgundy like mahogany, red, wine, etc., which suits different skin tones and undertones.

If you have a fair complexion, burgundy will look great on you. Let us look at the shades of burgundy that you can try this season!

  1. Dark Burgundy Hair Shade

Dark burgundy is one of our favourite shades that contrast with fair skin. It tops the list because it blends effortlessly with your naturally black hair. You can go for a global hair colour with this shade. Highlights will also do. But global will look much better! Not only just fair skin, but this hair shade also suits dusky and medium skin tones. Isn’t that amazing? This is a win-win situation for everybody. So, take up your next appointment and get your strands coloured now!

  1. Red Velvet Hair Shade

Thinking about the red velvet cake? Well, this hair shade is somewhat like that! Red velvet is a rich shade of burgundy that adds depth and dimension to your locks. This goes without saying – it blends seamlessly and looks great with your naturally brown/ black locks. To get this hair shade done, it is best to go for the balayage hair colouring technique. This technique will colour your strands beautifully and will improve the overall hair texture. Blending this shade with light brown will make your hair look stunning. Try it now!

  1. Maroon Hair Shade

If you are scared about choosing maroon for your hair shade, then don’t! Maroon is a super classy shade that compliments your skin tone. This shade looks great on medium and long hair. With this shade, you can style up your hair in waves and curls. If you have straight hair, you can go for highlights so that the hair colour looks evident. This shade will look best with a fair complexion. Try out this shade and give your tresses some vibrancy in the form of this hair colour.

  1. Deep Plum Hair Shade

It is not just the fruit that we love; it is the hair shade as well! Plum is a great pick for people having medium skin tones. Among all the other burgundy shades, this shade enhances your facial features and looks great on all kinds of lengths, i.e., short, medium, and long. Plum is a reflective shade that gives your hair a reflective look, i.e., it brings out the shine and makes your hair look nourished. Try out this amazing hair shade now!

  1. Magenta Hair Shade

You might think that magenta is an overdone shade. But it is not so! A little hint of magenta in your hair can give you a completely transformed look. Also, if you decide to go for this shade, try the balayage hair colouring technique. This technique will spice up the hair colour and will make you look gorgeous. This hair shade is capable of turning heads when you walk in an event, function, etc. Thus, give your hair some vibrancy with this stunning and not-so-regular shade.

  1. Mulled Wine Hair Shade

This is one of the most popular burgundy shades. This shade suits best with dusky skin tones and cool undertones. It is a winter shade that gives a wintery effect to your hair. All we can say is, never underestimate this shade because it looks great anywhere, anytime! This shade is great as it adds depth and dimension to your hair. Go global with this hair shade as it will enhance your skin tone and eye shade. You can also go highlights with shade. Try this stunning shade now and give your locks the vibrance they deserve!

  1. Auburn Hair Shade

This is one of our favourite shades that suits dark skin tones. It looks best with every skin tone, but dark-skinned people must definitely try this shade! This is the best pick for beginners who wish to try red hair shade. This is a subtle and elegant shade that suits a warm undertone. This shade is neither too harsh nor it can be missed or camouflaged in dark hair. It is a perfect neutral shade that looks best with every hair length. Try out this hair shade and give your tresses an elegant shade.

  1. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

Burgundy hair shade looks amazing with black hair. If you have jet black hair, you can style it with burgundy highlights. The deep burgundy hair shade adds shine and lustre to your locks and gives it a dimensional look. Stop compromising with your natural hair look and elevate it by adding subtle highlights. Try out this amazing hair look now!

  1. Blonde Hair with Burgundy Highlights

If you don’t mind experimenting with your looks, then this is a great hair shade for you! Burgundy highlights paired up with blonde hair colour make you look stunning. It is a unique blend of shades that enhances your facial features and eye colour. With this shade, you can style your hair in beach waves, so that both blonde and burgundy hair colours are visible. Add fun to your overall look with this amazing shade.

So, these are some of the best burgundy hair shades that you can try. While colouring your hair, you must always go with a no-ammonia hair colour. It minimises the damage done to your tresses and makes them look lustrous. Try Godrej Expert Rich Crème natural hair dye that is infused with Reetha, Amla, Vitamin E, etc., which nourishes your hair and treats various hair issues such as dandruff, split ends, etc. Try out the shades mentioned above and give your locks colour and care.