Minions the Rise of Gru Review

Minions the rise of gru is an animated film directed by Pierre Coffin and voiced by Steve Carrell, Pierre Coffin and others. It will be released in North America on July 1, 2022. This film is a sequel to minions the rise of gru. As the fifth work of minions series, it opens an adventure into a new world. It tells the story of the minions’ experience of serving other masters in the “pre Gru” era. If you want to watch movies free, you can enter from here.

This film tells the story of the “first year of meeting” between minions and the little boss, Geru. minions first met the little boss with the ultimate ambition, established a deep friendship, fought against several super bullies, and finally rescued the little boss in danger. All the members of the “Jimengtian Group” minions came out, as well as a new member of Daimeng, the braces boy Aodou.

“Minions the rise of gru” comes to Gru’s youth, bringing about his past ties with minions. Through application, minions became assistants of “bad dreamer” Geru, but the gems they stole from the “Six Heavenly Kings” were lost by new minions member Ao Dou, which triggered a series of funny stories.

Minions the Rise of Gru Review

This film is an ingenious and wonderful supplement between the minions the rise of gru series and its derivative work minions the rise of gru. It formally links the five minions series films into a line. What makes the film dazzling is the new member Aodou, a talkative toothpick. This lovely rascal lost the gem that Gru had worked hard to get for a pet stone that he fell in love with at first sight. Then, in order to make up for his mistakes and not make the little boss angry, he turned into an “lone brave” and started a road adventure alone. When a small boss with a strong sense of “enterprise” meets a cute and stupid Aodou, the funny index increases layer by layer! Although Aodou is a new member who appeared for the first time, after the film was released, there were numerous “fans”, which undoubtedly became the laugh point and cute point of the film with high popularity. Whether you are a fan who loves minions all the time or an audience who simply wants to laugh, this film is the best choice that can’t be missed.

It is easy to see what makes minions so attractive to children – they are almost the same size, they are always happy, they say incomprehensible nonsense, and they often show their buttocks. It is also understandable why they cannot host a movie entirely on their own, not only because they can recruit Carell, Sandra Bullock in minions, or heavyweights like Arkin, Henson, Yeoh and RZA as their human counterparts to fabricate their peers. Their sweet stupidity has an untimely, pure physical charm.