Everything To Know About Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is prominently known as blepharoplasty or Asian eyelid surgery, and it is a standard cosmetic procedure that creates a crease in your upper eyelid. It is prominent in several cultures, especially among people of East Asia, and it is pretty evident to create what is known as a more open or awake look to your eyes. You need to understand all the elements of the procedure if you are considering surgery from Double Eyelids Clinic Thailand (คลินิกทำตาสองชั้น ประเทศไทย, which is the term in Thai).

Understanding The Procedure

Double eyelid surgery includes creating a crease in your upper eyelid that gives the correct appearance of more enormous and more open eyes. The procedure can be easily performed using several techniques, one of the most common incisional or non-incisional techniques. Your surgeon will recommend the right approach based on your specific aesthetic objectives.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

The first step in the process is a consultation with the doctor, who will evaluate your eye structure, discuss your age-setting objectives, and explain the procedure. You can also learn about the potential risks and the outcomes and answer any questions that you would have. This is an essential step in understanding whether double eyelid surgery would be your best bet or not.

The Surgical Procedure

It is performed under local anaesthesia, which takes one to two hours. The surgeon will make a small cut in your upper eyelid, remove excessive skin and fat, and then stitch the incision closed, creating a crease.

The non-incisional method includes a series of tiny punctures along where the crease would appear. A secure suture would be threaded through these holes to create a tremendous double eyelid. This method would be less invasive and quick to recover quickly, but it might not be as long-lasting as the incisional method.


After the surgery, your eyelids will feel a little tight, and you might have some bruising or swelling, which generally subside in just two weeks. Your surgeon would give you the aftercare instructions, including applying a cold compress to manage your swelling, using the prescribed eye drops, or avoiding stressful activities. Stitches would be removed after one week, and you would feel comfortable returning to work or school within ten days or even two weeks. The final result of the surgery would be obvious once the swelling subsided entirely.

Choosing The Right Surgeon

It would help to choose the right surgeon specializing in double eyelid surgery from Double Eyelids Clinic Thailand.

Double eyelid surgery can be a safe and effective way to alter the appearance of your eyes, especially if you desire a visible crease in your upper eyelids. Like any cosmetic procedure, it is important to fully understand the surgery and other risks. You should consult A qualified professional before you make any decision.