Are You Looking for a Concrete Cleaning & Maintenance Service?

If you’re looking for a concrete cleaning & maintenance in Columbia service, you’ve come to the right place. Concrete is ubiquitous, takes a beating from the elements every day, and is a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s essential to have your concrete regularly cleaned and maintained. This will make it last longer and prevent injuries.

Cost of concrete cleaning

The cost of concrete cleaning & maintenance in Columbia, SC, depends on several factors. These costs include the labor for basic tasks such as removing surface debris and brushing to remove embedded dirt. In addition, a professional concrete cleaner needs special equipment, including gasoline-powered power washers and other equipment.

Regular concrete cleaning helps extend the life of the concrete. Several contaminants collect on concrete surfaces and wear them down. These contaminants can eat away even the most challenging concrete, causing more expensive problems. Cleaning and maintaining concrete can improve curb appeal, property quality, and safety.

Professional concrete cleaning companies offer concrete cleaning services for homes, businesses, and other locations. The service will eliminate dirt, oil, and mold from exterior concrete surfaces. In addition, concrete cleaners can remove stains from sidewalks and driveways, making them look less appealing to potential customers. If the concrete on your property is full of debris, customers may not be inclined to pay your parking or rental fees. They may also be hesitant to purchase your products or services if they think you are not looking good.

Pressure washing a driveway or sidewalk will cost about $100 to $120 in Columbia, SC. However, if you require a more extensive job, it might cost as much as $200.

Sealing your concrete

Sealing concrete is a vital part of maintaining the beauty and functionality of your concrete surfaces. It will protect your concrete from stains, weather damage, and biological growth while preserving its color. Concrete sealing will also help increase the life expectancy of your concrete by extending its durability.

There are several types of sealers, each with different properties and strengths. For example, water-based acrylic sealers will give you a drier look, while solvent-based sealers will produce a dark color. These sealers are best applied after the concrete has dried, so you’ll have the best results.

Sealing your concrete will make it easier to clean and maintain. Unlike unsealed concrete, it’s easier to sweep and mop. Water won’t soak into the surface; it won’t run off instead of pooling. It also prevents biological agents will keep your concrete.

Concrete surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to extend their life. Dust, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on the surface, causing staining and discoloration. Power washing is a great way to keep concrete looking its best. It’s also essential to check for cracks in your concrete. Even if they are small, they can grow to become major problems as time goes by. You can fill the gaps with a concrete repair compound to prevent these problems from worsening. Afterward, you can apply a sealant to your concrete and make it weatherproof.