A Clear Vision For Life: Take Care Of Your Eyes

The eyes are one of the five sense organs of human beings. This pair of organs is no less than a superpower to us. We experience the colorful world around us through our eyes. If you can read this text, be thankful for having the superpower of seeing things. Not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to have eyes.It’s been a while since you are staring at the screen; here is a gentle reminder to straighten your posture and look at the wall behind your screen. Give your magical orbs a break; come on now.

Alright, since you have taken care of your eyes a bit, what more can we do to appreciate and cherish our good vision lifelong? In this article, we will discuss a few simple steps to take care of our eyes and manage the digital age issues of eyesight like strained eyes, puffiness, dry eyes (ตาแห้ง, which is the term in Thai), blurred vision etc. Let’s dive in.

Protect Your Eyes From UV

UV radiation is one of the worst enemies of your vision. Long exposure to UV rays might result in issues like cataracts. Muscular degeneration can also occur. Wear sunglasses outdoors, and don’t stare at the sun for fun.

Give Periodic Breaks To Your Eyes From The Screen

No one in this era is unexposed to digital screens. Tech heads are the most engaged ones with the screens. If you work through screens or use your phone and other devices a lot, make sure to take breaks and rest your eyes.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule, where you look away from your screen every 20 minutes and look at a 20 feet-distanced object for 20 seconds before returning to your screens again.

Fix Lighting

  • Make the lighting of your workspace and living area according to your visual requirements.
  • Consider adjusting the brightness of your device.
  • Don’t work in too bright or too dim light.

Take Regular Eye Checkups

Regular eye checkups will help detect any sight-related issue before it worsens. If you have specs, keep track of the power and get your eyes checked at least every six months.

Stay Hydrated

Drink ample amounts of water. Drinking water not only helps your metabolism but also keeps your eyes from drying. Dry eyes are the condition that emerges when your eyes produce fewer tears, leaving the eyes dry. This condition can cause discomfort and affect vision.

Don’t forget to blink regularly. You can do it now while reading this text. It helps your eyes lubricate.

Take Proper Nutrition

Taking proper nutrition is the least you can do to stay healthy. Healthy eyes also require proper nutrients.

  • Include vitamins A, C, and E in your plate.
  • Add colors to your plate. Eat carrots, oranges, spinach, and all other colorful fruits and vegetables, and you will get your eye nutrition well.
  • Also, include zinc and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.


Having eyes is a blessing, and having good vision is superior. We should take care of our eyes to see the colorful world. Take proper nutrition, eat well, follow up your eye checkups, adjust the lighting of your place as per your vision, and give your eyes frequent breaks from screens.

The least you can do for your eyes is this. You have finished reading a whole article, thank you, and don’t forget to give your eyes a short break.