Self-Serving Scott Made Millions, Florida Lost Jobs

Most of Florida’s counties lost jobs, wages are at the bottom of the nation – but Self-Serving Scott’s wealth has grown by $46 million.

Pensacola News Journal Headline: Scott’s Job Promises Missed Most Floridians

Miami Herald Headline: Many Promises, Few Jobs, The Rick Scott Jobs Record

Palm Beach Post Headline: Florida’s Low Wages Are Nothing To Brag About, Gov. Scott

Florida Politics Headline: Jobs In Florida Cities Have Lowest Pay In The Nation

Self-Serving Scott is a Walking Conflict of Interest

He’s not telling the truth about how he took actions as governor to enrich himself by $46 million through his secret financial account.

Tampa Bay Times Headline: Another Factor For Rick Scott To Consider For Senate Bid: Disclosing, Managing His Money. 

NBC Headline: Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Personal Assets Shielded From Public.

Associated Press Headline: Florida Gov. Rick Scott Worth Nearly $150 Million.

Politico Headline: Rick Scott Owned Stock In Company That Received State Incentive Package.

Miami Herald Headline: Scott’s Policies Could Benefit His Family’s $62 Million Investment.

Self-Serving Scott’s Hurricane Irma Nursing Home Scandal

He promised to help but when the calls came, they went to voicemail and 14 seniors died. Self-Serving Scott tried to cover up the truth by deleting the voicemails left on his personal cell phone. Even before this tragedy, Scott slashed protections for seniors.

Washington Post Headline: Florida Governor’s Office Deleted Critical Messages Related To Post-Hurricane Nursing Home Deaths.

Florida Times Union: “Since Scott Took Office In 2011, He Has Significantly Rolled Back” Protections For Seniors.

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Headline: Scott Broke Law Ousting State’s Long-Term-Care Ombudsman, Watchdogs Say.

Miami Herald: Florida Hides Details In Nursing Home Inspection Reports, “A Favor To The Industry By The Scott Administration.”

Self-Serving Scott Supported Drilling Near Shores & Beaches – Even After the BP Oil Spill

That’s not all, he banned the term “climate change” and new documents reveal he’s still trying to deceive Floridians to benefit himself.

Tampa Bay Times Editorial Headline: The Rick Scott Record: An Environmental Disaster.

Miami Herald Headline: In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change.

Naples Daily News: “Following The 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill…Scott Refused To Support A Ban On Drilling.”

Associated Press: Scott’s ‘Endorsement’ Of Drilling In Everglades ‘Puts Him At Odds With Other Florida Politicians, Including Republicans.’

Miami Herald Headline: Rick Scott’s Stake In Oil Company Tied To Collier Drilling Riles Environmentalists.

Politico Headline: Records Refute Scott Framing Of Impromptu Oil Drilling Reversal.

Self-Serving Scott Broke His Promise to Expand Health Care to 800,000 Floridians

Then he helped write the Republican health care bill that would strip coverage for pre-existing conditions and impose an age tax on older Americans – all while giving himself a $500,000/year tax break.

Associated Press Headline: Scott Concedes That Earlier Medicaid Support Was A Ruse.

The Gainesville Sun Editorial: Scott “Lied” About His Support For Medicaid Expansion.

Miami Herald Headline: Florida’s Rick Scott Says He’s Helping Trump Craft Replacement Health Care Plan.

POLITICO Headline: Scott Would See Big Tax Savings Under Obamacare Repeal.

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