Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Watch Repaired

There are numerous options for purchasing a new and luxurious watch to wear on your wrist, but not everyone considers getting their watch repaired. The most expensive watch is useless if it does not run and stops working; get your precious timepiece repaired by a trusted expert in the industry with the right tools to ensure that you are getting the best service.


This procedure involves removing your watch case back and changing out the gaskets.

Re-sealing is important for any watch exposed to water or humidity. Why? Because these elements can cause damage to your watch’s movement. If water gets into your movement, it can create rust, which corrodes the metal components and damages them beyond repair.

To prevent this, you must have your watch re-sealed every time it goes through the washing machine or is exposed to high humidity levels like those found near a swimming pool or in the rainforest.

Repairs of the movement

Mechanical watches rely on gears made from metal that expand and contract when exposed to temperature changes and increased pressure from gravity when worn on your wrist. In most cases, these movements will last for decades if properly maintained; however, cheap quartz movements often lose accuracy after about five years because their parts cannot expand and contract like those found in mechanical movements. Therefore quartz movements need to be serviced every two to five years if worn daily to maintain their accuracy.

Crystals replacement

If you have a small crack in the watch crystal, it’s best to get it replaced before it gets any worse. A cracked crystal can make it hard to read the time and date, which is one of the main functions of a watch. If the crack gets bigger, moisture could seep, causing further damage.

Battery replacement

Most watches use batteries to run the coil spring that powers the movement inside. As these batteries age, they may need to be replaced for optimal performance — especially if they are worn down more quickly than usual. Some watches will even have a warning light indicating when it’s time for new batteries so that you don’t accidentally miss an important appointment because your watch stopped working! Batteries range in price from $5-$20 depending on the make and model of your watch and whether or not they’re easy-to-access batteries (those behind glass).

Refinishing of case and bracelet

If your watch has a plated case, it can be polished, and the plating will be renewed. This process is called re-plating. If you possess a gold or platinum watch, you can also have its case and bracelet polished and refinished. The refinished case is not as shiny as the original one, but it’s still much better than an old scratched case.

Illumination of dial & hands

This process involves ensuring that all the numbers on your dial are visible by illuminating them with tritium (a radioactive substance). If this is not done regularly, the tritium may fade away, making reading time difficult.

New Gaskets

If you have a steel watch, it’s time to replace the gasket when the back cover starts to come off or the hands start to move more slowly than usual. This can happen if a watch is left in water for too long or exposed to extreme temperature changes. If this happens, you should take it to your local watchmaker immediately to have the movement cleaned, oiled and adjusted.

If your watch looks good and works well, you do not need watch repair for a long time. However, if your watch has any of the symptoms above, it is best to bring it to a professional watchmaker as soon as possible.