The Most Advanced Features of the Emirates ID Card

The Middle East has become a growing economic zone in the last few years. Today, you will find many job opportunities in this region, and the UAE is one of the leading economic players in the region. People from different parts of the world migrate to the UAE for job opportunities.

Due to its immense economic growth, job seekers and investors move to this country. The investors find economic free zones to setup their businesses. On the other hand, the UAE government offers advanced infrastructural support to them. If you want UAE citizenship, you should check the emirates ID status.

An Introduction to the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is essential for everyone living and working in the UAE. For procuring this document, you should apply online. A person who is born in the UAE can apply for the document. On the other hand, a person who has a residential visa can also apply for it.

The document is essential for obtaining government facilities in the UAE. Moreover, it works as citizenship identity, which features your name, age, residential address, biometric details, etc. You can apply for the card online by visiting the official website of the ICA.

New Features of the Card

With the advent of time, the card has modernised to a large extent. Therefore, many tech-driven features have been added to it. Find some of the newest features added to this card.

  1. Better Security

Since the card contains a person’s biometric details, the card’s security has always remained a concern. The authority has made it more secure than earlier through the integration of the e-link system. Therefore, the biometric details stored on the card will not be visible to others.

  1. Non-Touch Data Reading

The card comes with an advanced microchip that aids in non-touch data reading. Without touching the card, people can access it. Previously, the card did not have the chip. Therefore, data reading without physical touching was not possible.

  1. Lightweight and High-Quality Materials

The new Emirates ID card comes with polycarbonate material, which ensures longevity and durability. The material can withstand harsh weather conditions, rash handling, etc. So, the new card will stay undamaged for a long period.

  1. Single-click Details

If you use the digital version of the card, you can access all the details with a single click. The one-click access to the details will help you obtain convenience in using the card. People have to use the card for various purposes. Thus, single-click access to the data will minimise the hassles for people.


The Emirates ID is an essential document for all the citizens in the UAE. You need to have the document to apply for school admission, jobs, driving licenses, and many other reasons. The card is a primary document to prove your citizenship in Dubai and other places in the UAE.

Users should also update the card details when they change their residential addresses. Moreover, you need to apply for the renewal of the documents after certain periods. Before renewal, you should check the emirates ID status online.